VenaPro is a self-contained, all-inclusive DVT therapy device that is portable, tubeless, battery-operated, & will ensure your patient has maximum mobility during recovery. VenaPro was specifically designed to extend the continuum of care from the facility, is for single patient use and reusable.

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VenaPro Features

Easy One-Touch Operation

VenaPro helps prevent dangerous blood clots deep inside the leg, during and post-surgery with its easy one-touch operation.

Battery Operated

Self-Contained, Lithium Ion powered pneumatic compression device that allows for better compliance with increased patient mobility.

Integrated Cool Care Technology

ICCRT is patent pending technology that circulates air around the patient’s leg keeping it cool during therapy.


VenaPro weighs less than a pound and portable while improving patient discomfort.

Single Patient Use

VenaPro protects the patient from rental or return fees, is for single patient use and reusable.

No external tubes or hoses

Other devices require tubing, which present a tripping hazard and are inconvenient to use and manage. Additionally, such devices usually lack true portability.